2000 to 2016 : An Interlude (Post 2016 for expect stuff+--=3)

2016-12-18 23:02:54 by TigerMvintage

Every person out of 75 students plays an instrument or is a multi-instrumentalist (plays more than one instrument) at the music conservatory where my friends and family in music work. My dad at the time (E.Y.N.B.) does not play an instrument -- but DJ’d records on vinyl, cassette and 8-track while stationed in California U.S.A. and everyone else DOES play an instrument all around! (sister, students, brothers etc.etera!) This is a point five thousand forty days plus past to current day (you may do the minutes math ) in a year 2000 less sixteen—when I was -- well! Sixteen! And coincidentally trusted by friends family and students’ parents while working at Music School and Conservatory MGCM (and later “Inc.”) as I had two years prior before but now in 2000 with a new set of jobs [including accounting money] + teaching music lessons =)

In addition to instructing drums and piano (notes!! ^^) to people my age and otherwise; I placed programs-to-server on a new-at-the-time Windows NT (2000) server (installing Command & Conquer and Quake 2 (II) too with permission getting employees to play video games online together after hours and have fun in-company ! =3 ) and answered phones as a receptionist.

At the Conservatory req. dressed professionally performing in summer and prodigy / gifted piano programs while not working there part or full time; the Roland Boss DR-5 d-R Rhythm section [I did not call it “Dr. Rhythm Section” ^^;] came into my discovery. For the first time in my life, I began the routine of recording music sometimes eight hours a day and constantly composed on.

I would compose over a quarter of a thousand [two-hundred fifty] original tunes.

In all honesty at the very start initially before recording…

I was not educated how to use the DR-5 at sixteen or prior and so decided to self-teach myself programming and setup process of making songs and composing tracks on the drum machine (there was no manual) and began impressing music students, family and curious musicians and friends as I continued to record. Still 16, one time at Sam’s Club to hear my music on a big watt system I put one of my cassettes (recorded on a dual-deck with volume-level lights) into a store sound system and people asked me about it. I explained the music and what the DR-5 is and does

As there was no manual with the DR-5 at the Music Conservatory and no one present who knew how to ‘play it’ or program the Analog-MIDI-capable device I am very proud of all of this. =)      

I didn’t want my music to go (or time spent recording it to disappear) as memory on the Roland Boss DR-5 is limited so asking my older sibling and dad (E.Y.N.B.) for borrowed use of it—I connected a dual-deck professional cassette recorder to the Roland DR-5 (<- not forgetting Boss =^_^=) and in real-time [complete with knob spinning on the Boss and tape syncing on the twin tape-deck to record my music in sequence section by section] recorded each track. Yes! ^_^

I simply was recording for fun and to keep my original music track by track “worked” without pay what some in 2000 were paid to engineer. I did not know I was doing anything great! Apparently Aphex Twin and Orbital [“ The BOX ” ] were doing these kinds of things and other star producers and DJs too somewhere in Asia, U.K., Africa and Europe via Australia but in U.S.A. and educated in a small city where that kind of music was not very popular in early 2000;

The internet {still developing} was no more likely to suggest “New World Order” than “Underworld”  (there was no YouTube or Myspace) and many BBS boards, Instant Messengers and “Webhead sites” (think Newgrounds and Bemanistyle and Deviantart) that I liked and shared artwork across were not considered “Social Networks” at the time--and concerned varying adults instead of inspiring them—as well as newpapers and broadcast TV. (“My child is on the computer all day—why isn’t she/he social?” “If You have been on the computer all day… you may want to see if you have an internet addiction…”) Yeha.

 [(.( Part of me wanted to become a counselor specifically for zero-technology adults at 16 as I KNEW even by the games and music discussed online-- that people online myself-not-excluded were more social-- and to me-- more interesting across more subjects-- than most public-feeding individuals who met face-to-face-.. to me-- the future would be BBS boards and ecommerce.)   

Anyway (nice tangent there…=3) Cellphones were not common worldwide either.

Musically though with little mainstream radio and industry understanding at sixteen--I still  thought people like Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams made their own beats and the radio was called to play the music they recorded and then sang to before making a music video for MTV. [or VH1 or BET]

Indeed before realizing so much could be completed on one device I had thought everyone did their own beats and music and radio calling and Cassette / Vinyl / CD selling. [Seriously] I didn’t know about ASCAP (or any organization specialized for musicians or otherwise) besides labels. And I didn’t want a label [literally]. I shared my music with friends, family and strangers alike. Now I REALLY thought “Everyone does this!” (makes beats and sings / raps to them) Anyway. That’s almost two pages in Word 2007. (I like Word 2007 over notepad right now..)

What “ TigerMvintage ” will share is my starting cassettes that have not to date been put online.

I’ll spare You the details (that could take hours honestly…) but you are welcome to enjoy !

Roland Boss DR-5: 250 plus original recordings that started at age 16. Converted to WAV At 19.

These are labors of love [NOT hate!] All instrumental and done for initially grassroots responses.

All 250 plus songs from me as a teen at MGCM and beyond =) -> —preserved for Your listen.

My teen-age, adolescence in music and childhood is safe and trusted to You starting 2017.

Don’t be too mean on the reviews.

Please enjoy. ^_^


Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* Tiger M. Gales [More-Music Day! 2016! \^^\]
-6:35 PM (Saturday December 17th, 2016) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]

P.S. Thank You for reading.

By the way in case you’re using a DR-5 or ever do—

I’ll be brief

Timeline: MIDI cables on eBay [still have them]. They connected to the Roland Boss Rhythm Section. Each song on cassette (I learned may play to a PC) was put to a twin-to-one audio outlet with “Direct-to-soundcard” fitting adapter connecting it (headphones width audio jack re-sizer).

[Available offline in 2000 but likely everywhere Best Buy, Wal-Mart, eBay, Amazon.]

Enjoy the music on PC or move to blank CD-R if wanted.

I know I’m not doing anything over-the-top here.

Simply recorded a lot of music in 30 years plus two and simply want to share it. =)

The stuff here 2017 – 16 years ago (at half my time in Human existence 365 times 16--)

Was composed for the same reasons I still do all music today:

honest Love and adoration for the craft and artists and audience as a whole.

Stay Awesome and True To You


BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M! ^_~*

Special Note - Wanted to divy a bit before posting this one -- feel free to share. Stay Remarkable [TMG 12-18-2016]

Thank You for Reading / Listening / Assisting / Viewing


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